Privacy Statement

Published on June 28th, 2015

The value in our community is to share information and knowledge between beekeepers. We want to make this practical and reasonable for our Eyesonhives users, and simultaneously enable development of next generation algorithms to benefit the bees and our existing and future users.

What is being recorded and when (audio, video, etc)?
Video is being recorded, from sunup till sunset every day. Audio is not recorded at this time. Environmental data such as temperature, wind speed and humidity is recorded for the geolocation associated with the hive.

What is being stored, where and for how long?
Video is stored on the device itself for a period of approximately 10 days, until the device writes over the old video. Video is also uploaded to the Keltronix cloud based servers. This video, environmental and analysis data is stored indefinitely, and is used for many purposes, including confirming the algorithms are working properly, developing new algorithms, and playing back video to users. The duration of access to video data on the video server for playback is dependent on the user plan. Comments and communications are also stored on the servers indefinitely.

What security measures do you have in place for the data?
Data is stored on the Keltronix Servers, behind firewalls, and requires ssh authentication from a platform administrator for access.

Who has access to view the videos from my camera?
All hives are set to be a 'public' hive by default, which means all registered users of Eyesonhives are able to view your hive videos, see the data, learn from your bees, and share advice through the comments capability. Non-public hives would be visible to Eyesonhives administrators only, and require a different, private plan. Videos of your bees may be used by Keltronix for promotional, educational and other purposes. We will not use any kind of personally identifiable video for this purpose.

How do you maintain access control for the data?
Servers are accessible only with SSH based credentials. User logins through the Eyesonhives page are based on email/password combinations.

What do you have in terms of data access audit trail?
We do not presently track which users view which videos.

How can I limit (a) what is being stored (b) who has access to my data ?
You may request that any video be deleted from the server forever, if you determine that video contains anything objectionable (e.g. personally identifying information etc). You request a private plan for your videos so that only you and the Eyesonhives administrators can view videos. This is associated with an additional cost.